What Is The Difference Between Homeschooling And Unschooling?

As a homeschooling mom I usually get asked many questions by other parents. A few days back I was asked this specific one “What is the difference between homeschooling and unschooling?” I was happy to be asked this question because many people confused one thing with the other.   Homeschooling is educating your children at home. In homeschooling you can either choose to do your own curriculum or to buy a boxed curriculum (ex. Abeka). Another thing is that you also have a schedule for the school day in homeschooling. In the other hand unschooling is like a branch of homeschooling.  It’s also educating your child at home, but in this case the children choose what they want to learn and when. There is no specific curriculum or schedule in unschooling.

In my case, I prefer homeschooling because I know what my kids are learning and what they need to improved on. We follow a curriculum, have a school schedule from 8:00 to 12:00 with breaks, a school room, we covered all the subjects (English, History, Science, Math and in my case Spanish). Eventually when the kids go off to college they have to follow a schedule. I think maybe unschooling kids will find it a little harder to adjust to a schedule and work deadlines in college, but, that’s just my opinion.

Remember homeschooling is a lifestyle. Each family and child is different and every child learns differently. For example, some kids learn best in the mornings when others learn best in the night. As a parent you should choose a curriculum and a schedule that fits your child.

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